Technology Demands In The COVID-19 Pandemic

TMR Charities understands the needs of those in low income families that may not have the appropriate technology access to continue their education during the pandemic. This pandemic has shown just how vital the need for technology at home for students is, and in order for students to continue their education regardless of the circumstances, they need access to technology. TMR Charities has started Project Vickie, working with Tex-Mex Recycling and TMR Services, to create a Technology Access Program to help provide low-income families with refurbished computers. This will ensure that any hurdles placed infront of our students will be overcome and their education will not be put on hold due to the lack of access to the needed technology.

Project Vickie

We started Project Vickie to get refurbished computers into the hands of students from low income families. Tex-Mex Recycling as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, has provided Windows 10 based computers for students that qualifiy to receive. These regurbished computers are equiped with Microsoft Office to ensure that students have the necessary programs to accomplish their education tasks and work. As distance learning becomes a real experience for students during the COVID-19 crisis, these machines will help low-income families with students not worry about the how when it comes to their school work, and focus on their grades. Apply today to see if you qualify!