About Us

TMR Charities

TMR Charities was started in 2020 during the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. During 2020, we experienced unprecedented measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus which causes the COVID-19 disease. Workplaces were shut down, employees were laid off, and schools were forced to move to distance education. While colleges have departments to handle distance learning, school districts are not typically adapted to this type of learning method. Some school districts that provide tablets, laptops, and chrome books for students still did not have the means to supply all children in households with a device, and in many cases, students had to share their access time. Many students were left without access to technology, leaving school districts to rely on paper work to be delivered to homes via school bus or teachers, or left without completely due to the teachers losing contact with the students and the parents.

As the future is unknown and even as school districts prepare to re-open, the need for access to technology is vital in the education of our children. Those with limited access and in low-income families are put at a great disadvantage than those who otherwise have at least a computer in the home. TMR Charities has started Project Vickie, a Technology Access Program that will supply genuine Microsoft refurbished computers to these students so that they may not worry about how they will do their work and focus on their education. TMR Charities has partnered with Tex-Mex Recycling, a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, to supply refurbished computers for donation to qualifying low-income families.