Project Vickie

Project Vickie

What is this program?

Project Vickie is a Technology Access Program developed by TMR Charities partnered with Tex-Mex Recycling. Tex-Mex Recycling is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher with the ability to refurbish computers with genuine Microsoft Windows software. Computers donated to TMR Charities will be used to donate to qualifying low-income families. Project Vickie is focused on providing quality, refurbished computers to those in need.

Who is eligable?

Low-income families are eligible to apply and possibly receive a refurbished computer through Project Vickie. We encourage everyone to apply by filling out the form and including all contact information required to be able to properly review the application. Once the determination has been made, the applicant will be contacted by TMR Charities and further details on how they will receive their computer will be told.

How to Apply?

Applications for this program are located here. Fill out all required information and after the determination process is made you will be contacted. Further information may be required. We ask that you have patience while we continue to develop this program and get computers out to those in need.

What is received?

Those who qualify for the Technology Access Program, Project Vickie, will receive a Computer Desktop or Tower, Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse with all necessary cables for the computer to be useable. Computers will have Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems and Microsoft Office 2010 software preinstalled.